5 Day Tantra Immersion Level 1
November 15 to 19, 2019
December 6 to 10, 2019
January 7 to 11, 2020




Lela Immersion Participant“I walked into the first day of Tantra Immersion with an open mind and came out six days later with an open heart. The journey through yoga, guided meditation, and lectures on the principles of Tantra turned out to be much more than what was advertised. I did not expect to gain such clear tools that would allow me to continue my practice after the immersion was over, and also take that practice and apply it to every facet of my daily life.”  – Lela from USA   read more >

Join us for these Tantra Immersion modules, which offer a deep and systematic study of Tantra Yoga in theory and practice in a 5 day intensive study. This course focuses on elevating consciousness and living a full, abundant life, walking the path of Tantra and Yoga to the heights of spiritual development down to the depth and richness of the heart.

This Immersion will take place in our yoga center in Chiang Mai. It includes yoga classes, meditations, lectures and workshops in which we can experience directly the spirit and insight of Tantra.

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Tantra Yoga is the path of unveiling the divine in the profane. Mahasiddha Yoga teaches the true art of living, of saying YES to life and embracing body, mind, emotions and relationships as gateways to fulfillment and spiritual growth.

Tantra Yoga shows us how to live life in every moment with vivid intensity and crystal clear awareness. It is indeed the path of ecstatic love, of courageous inner freedom, harmonious development, continuous growth and complete and blissful surrender to the divine flow of life – a path that combines physical, sensual, emotional and spiritual awakening that will bring you closer to yourself and the divine in everything.

Through the practice of Tantra in this intensive immersion we gain awareness of who we truly are and what we indeed can become. The techniques and theory given within the course are highly efficient and will help you to keep practicing yoga and transforming throughout your life. Most techniques are based on the ancient Kashmirian and Shivaist teachings adapted to suit our modern lifestyle and supported by contemporary science. Methods and philosophy are explained in a practical and down to earth manner.

Learn from our friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable teachers with 17 years of direct experience. They will guide you through authentic tantric theory, training and practical applications from the ancient traditions that you can include in your daily life to bring about major transformations and profound happiness.

As in all of our classes, workshops and events, there is no sexual contact in this Immersion.


The Program

The first module of Tantra Immersion includes:

  • What is Tantra? Principles of Tantra
  • The secret law of resonance and how to apply it
  • The importance of relaxation and awareness practice in tantra
  • The principle of polarity – the yin-yang of the universe
  • Shiva as the divine masculine principle
  • Shakti as the divine feminine principle and the special role of Her in Tantra
  • Introduction to tantric sensuality
  • Meditations with music designed to access distinct states
  • Meditations in silence designed to quiet the mind and induce strong mental focus
  • Specific yoga body postures and exercises done in the tantric spirit, facilitating a direct experience of the hidden potentials of the body
  • Principles of Hatha Yoga: practicing yoga body postures (asana-s) correctly and the special role of asana-s in Tantra
  • Sessions of questions and answers with discussion time for the group
  • Reflecting moments to give an inner space for your own growth and observing the steps you are already taking throughout the course, evaluation and planning of future practice
  • A voluntary 21-day follow up program: Set a specific intention to follow through in a daily practice for the next 21 days. With the power of the group support, small accountability groups and reflection meetings you will find it easy to implement the tools and exercises learned in the Immersion into your daily routine


Daily schedule

A day at the Immersion would look like this …

9:00 Hatha Yoga practice in the spirit of tantra
10:20 Meditation
10:45 Fruit snack 
11:00 Lecture and workshop exercises
12:30 Lunch break
15:30 Lecture and special workshop exercises
16:15 Hatha Yoga practice in the spirit of tantra
17:15 Fruit snack 
17:45 Lecture and special workshop exercises
19:30 Evening break / end of the program



November 15 to 19, 2019
December 6 to 10, 2019
January 7 to 11, 2020


PRICE: THB 4800 per person

100 baht discount for paying in cash

10% discount if you book Level 1 and Level 2 at once

Thai nationals receive a 50% discount

The price includes organic fruit snacks throughout the day. It DOES NOT include other food or accommodation. Please check below for a list of affordable guest houses which are walking distance from the venue.

Reserve your spot now!

To secure your place, please fill in this form and pay a 2000 baht deposit through PayPal. Thank you!

Pressing the button below will take you to PayPal. Kindly note that bookings without deposit are considered invalid. Thank you!

Deposit & Cancellation Policies

If you have booked a retreat or workshop and you cancel your participation at least 21 days before the arrival date, you will be fully refunded.

If you cancel your participation less than 21 days before the arrival date, then:

  • if you cancel no later than 24 hours after you’ve placed the booking, you will be fully refunded.
  • if you cancel later than 24 hours after you’ve placed the booking, we will hold the deposit in the form of a credit for you, that can be used in the future for any events with us.


Disclaimer for people with mental health issues

Kindly note that for people who suffer from mental health issues, or are currently on antidepressants or other psychiatric medications, we strongly recommend not to join our courses or retreats. For those who do, however, decide to join, they do so on their own responsibility.


Terms and conditions

Your participation in this course is subjected to terms and conditions which you can read here.


Accommodation recommendations:

Here is a list of lodging options within walking distance from our studio.

Please note that this list is by no means ultimate or exhaustive. You might find better options that are more suitable for your needs/budget. Make sure you book in advance, as December-January are at the peak of the high season in Chiang Mai, therefore good options tend to sell out quickly.  

Born2Sleep – right next door to us, convenient and very decent (offers 20% discount to our students, please let them know you attend our workshop) – born2sleep_hotel@hotmail.comor check on Agoda.com
LeLight Hostel – Clean, new and very decent hostel right across the street from us. They also have suites. Check on Booking.com
Pak – 3 min walk, stylish and romantic, slightly upscale, prices start from THB 1800/room/night – Check their website or check on Booking.com
Noble Guesthouse – large rooms and good location – 5 min walk – noblehouse_chiangmai@hotmail.com or check on Booking.com
Pudsadee House – clean and decent – amy.somkran@hotmail.com, +66 861864277 or check on Booking.com
Anoma Bed & Breakfast – 10 min walk – anoma_bed_and_breakfast@hotmail.com, +66 869000740 or check on Booking.com
Chiangmai Bupatara Hotel – 5 min walk. Check on Booking.com



Write us a message on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tantrayogachiangmai or you can call us on 0613-784-194.

Beloved students and aspirants, our courses and classes are now online-only.
Our studio and retreat centre are currently closed until further notice.

All our scheduled retreats will very likely not take place physically.
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