5 Day Detox Retreat

9th to 13th September 2015

Detox Retreat for body, mind and heart


A challenging, heart and eye opening retreat. Uriel and Blandine will make us go to the bottom of things and discover our raw and true potentials. A well organised retreat run by warm and welcoming team of tantra yogis.  -Gritta 31, Germany


Join us for 5 days away from traffic and city lights, in beautiful Amaravati Resort in Mae Rim at the foot of the mountain for a full Detox program healing your body, mind and soul. The retreat will include a thorough ayurvedic intestinal cleanse, simple morning purification techniques, deep relaxation, yoga and meditation. We will enjoy lectures on a balanced yogic diet and ayurvedic lifestyle as well as interactive workshop activities, relaxing time in nature, swimming in the pool and an inspired time with wonderful people in a peaceful, warm and loving environment, perfect for diving into inner peace and allowing your whole being to regenerate.

The detox retreat will include an effective method for clearing up the crust of toxins from the intestines, and for purifying the liver.


Day 1 – we will start preparing the body for the big intestinal cleanse with yoga practice, meditation and interactive workshop activities. Hatha Yoga program and silent meditation will help with this.

Day 2 – next to yoga and meditation practice you will learn a set of cleansing techniques for the morning. We will support our preparation with a yogic diet and explore the meaning of bodily, emotional and mental purity in yoga.

Day 3 – will include some special yoga and meditation practice to prepare the body and mind for the detox. Beautiful interactive spiritual games will help us to connect to each other from heart to heart.

Day 4 – will include start with the purification method which will last all morning. After a good rest we will purify our emotions our minds and hearts using some methods from the tantric traditions, using the 5 elements.
in the evening we will enjoy some beautiful connective time together.

Day 5 – will start with some deep meditation for cleaning and elevating the mind. Hatha yoga practice will follow and then some lectures on the spiritual meaning of purity and happiness.

Delicious, wholesome and organic vegetarian food that is carefully selected for the detox will be served with love in the retreat.

The retreat will be given by:

Maria Blandine Wegener and Uriel Yariv, both are qualified Yoga and Tantra teacher for many years by the ATMAN federation and both are also psychologists by profession.

Prices and Sign-Up

Prices include accommodation in beautiful Amaravati Ashram Resort in Mae Rim and all meals, drinks, purifying remedies etc. while staying at the Resort. The prices below are all inclusive for single standard rooms. If you share a double room the price reduces minus 150 B per day per person.

… sign up until 1st September 2015
– Single room: only 7,000 Bt, all inclusive
– Deluxe room: only 9,000 Bt, all inclusive
– Shared double room: 6,500 Bt per person, all inclusive

– Single room: 9,000 Baht, all inclusive
– Deluxe rooms: 11,000 Baht, all inclusive
– Shared double room: 8,500 Baht per person, all inclusive

We look forward welcoming you to this mystical journey retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

For sign up write us a message on facebook with the details of your booking (how many people you want to sign up? what rooms do you wish to book? any special requests?) at https://www.facebook.com/tantrayogachiangmai or you can call us on 0613-784-194.

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