5 Days Tantra Yoga Retreat
Discovering the Divine Inside and Out
14th to 18th October 2015




Yoga Retreat: Discovering the Divine

According to TANTRA when our perceptions are made clear we discover that all vastly divine in its essence. In this coming retreat we will open our spiritual heart and eyes to see the reality as it is, perfect and sacred. in this way we will feel the divine inside of our being and all around us.


Every day will start at 8 am with a meditation that will take us deep inside to discover our divine nature followed by a special conscious yoga practice, where the body postures, breathing, focus and visualizations will allow us purify, energize and open up to divine.
the evenings and afternoons will be filled with workshop activities, lectures and other exercises to take us to a refined and gentle spiritual ecstasy in which we may behold to true and sublime nature of all things.
The principle bridge which will take us to the divine is the universal power of LOVE, which is considered in TANTRA as the contact point between the profane and sacred world.
We will use both methods for awakening consciousness and expanding energy and reach the Divine using both.

Delicious, wholesome and organic vegetarian food that is carefully selected for the detox will be served with love in the retreat (read more about our retreats here).

The retreat will be given by:
Maria Blandine Wegener, Angela Shivani, Uriel Yariv, all three are qualified Yoga and Tantra teacher for many years by the ATMAN federation and Blandine and Uriel are also psychologists by profession. 

Prices include accommodation in beautiful Amaravati Ashram Resort in Mae Rim and all meals, drinks, purifying remedies etc. while staying at the Resort.  

… sign up until 5th October 2015
– Single room: only 7,000 Bt, all inclusive
– Deluxe room: only 9,000 Bt, all inclusive
– Shared double room: 6,500 Bt per person, all inclusive

– Single room: 9,000 Baht, all inclusive
– Deluxe rooms: 11,000 Baht, all inclusive
– Shared double room: 8,500 Baht per person, all inclusive

We look forward welcoming you to this mystical journey! 


For sign up write us a message on facebook with the details of your booking (how many people you want to sign up? what rooms do you wish to book? any special requests?) at https://www.facebook.com/tantrayogachiangmai or you can call us on 0613-784-194.