Learn how to systematically experience higher states of consciousness

This course is a genuine spiritual path that takes committed spiritual seekers on a journey through extraordinary mystical states to the revelation of their essential, supreme nature.

Every Tuesday 5.30 – 8.00pm Bangkok Time

In this weekly Esoteric Yoga Course we’ll explore time-proven tools and practices that the great yogic mystics and sages have used to reveal the Divine as the ultimate, true reality.

It’s a journey that we will undertake entirely – body, mind and spirit – to arrive at the destination of who we truly are. During each weekly class we dive into specific theories and practices.

If you are looking for a deep knowledge of spirituality combined with a profound practice, a deep transformation, and amazing explorations of your own inner world, this is your course :-)

one-one-one meditation
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This course offers you:

  • Weekly 2.5 hour classes with theory and practice

  • Highly efficient and practical methods and exercises

  • In-depth study and practice of each body pose (asana) with effects on all levels, counter-indications and other remarks

  • A profound understanding of various yogic paths and mystical traditions 

  • Live Q&A sessions with the teacher, thus receiving personal guidance and feedback on your practice

  • Exceptional initiations into the art of meditation, yoga and tantra

  • Certified teachers with minimum 5 years of experience

You will learn how to:

  • Practice asanas in a deeply efficient way, combining relaxation with awareness

  • Correlate each posture with the awakening of a particular chakra

  • Experience profound mystical states through various spiritual practices

  • Use the Law of Resonance in order to achieve extraordinary spiritual transformation

  • Work with and control your inner energy in a harmonious way

  • Awaken latent capacities and expand your consciousness

  • Focus your awareness, concentrate and meditate

  • Live a life of depth and dedication to your highest ideals