7 Day Retreat
Journey through the Chakras

in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, April 11th to 17th 2017 

7 Day Tantra Yoga Retreat

A mystical journey through the seven Chakras 

in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, April 11th-17th 2017 

Join us for a relaxing, initiating and awakening 7-day Tantra yoga retreat as we enter the mystery of all Seven Chakras, the fundamental levels of energy and consciousness in the being.

Each day will be dedicated to one of the Chakras as we rise from the root Chakra to the Crown Chakra. The retreat is thoughtfully designed to include a variety of activities that encourage experiential learning and growth, including meditation, yoga, lectures and interactive workshop activities. There is also enough time to relax alone and together–swimming in the saltwater pool, watching movies, enjoying walks in nature–all in a warm, welcoming and loving atmosphere.



Sample Program (subject to change)

8-9am meditation (includes additional option for beginners to combine with yoga)
9:00 fruit buffet
9:30 Hatha Yoga practice, for awakening the chakra of the day
10:45 delicious (and infamous!) energy ball snack
11:00 lecture and exercises to awaken the chakra of the day
12:10 meditation on the chakra of the day
12:30 lunch – vegetarian, organic, healthy, wholesome and delicious food
13:00 break – relaxing time in nature or in the pool as you like :-)
15:30 spiritual reading 
15:40 lectures and workshop activities
17:00 special yoga for awaking the chakra of the day
18:00 lecture on the art and practice of meditation
18:15 meditation practice
18:30 break
19:00 dinner – vegetarian, mostly organic, healthy, wholesome and delicious food
20:15 spiritual and entertaining media clips
20:30 Q&A
21:00 blissful interactive workshop-like activities
22:00 bedtime


Location & Food

The retreat will take place at the gorgeous Amaravati Ayurveda Resort, aptly nicknamed the “Chic Ashram,” in Mai-Rim, a 20 minute drive from Chiang Mai at the foot of the mountain. The Ashram was built in the special tradition of Vastu (Indian Feng shui). The resort has a beautiful garden, a wonderful saltwater pool and breathtaking views. Wholesome, vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner are carefully selected and provided with love by our chef.
Please note that smoking, eating meat, drinking coffee and consuming alcohol or drugs is prohibited on site.


Accommodation Options

  • Single room: a beautiful 25 meter room, AC, shower and toilet inside.
  • Shared double room: a beautiful 25 meter room, AC, shower and toilet inside.
  • Deluxe room: a luxurious 50 meter room, AC, bathtub and toilet inside.


Prices & Sign Up

Prices include accommodation in beautiful Amaravati Ashram Resort and all meals during the retreat.

Early bird prices: 

  • Shared 3 bed room: 8600 THB (per person)
  • Shared double room: 11,000 THB (per person)
  • Single room: 12,000 THB (per person)
  • Deluxe room: 15,000 THB (per person)


To sign up, write us a message on facebook with the details of your booking (How many people are signing up? What rooms do you wish to book? Any food allergies?) at https://www.facebook.com/tantrayogachiangmai or you can call us on 0613-784-194.


Reviews from our past retreats:

Review by Arjun from Bangalore, India
“The polarity retreat was a great experience. The facilitators (Uriel, Blandine and Angela) are wonderful people, very competent in what they do and, most of all, clearly live the teachings – adding a lot of depth to the sessions. And it was as gentle as it was powerful. Highly recommended!”

Review by Cookie Kaste and Vickie Barnum from USA
“We were very pleased with our retreat. The presenters were caring and knowledgeable. Accommodations were more than adequate and the food was delicious. We feel blessed by our divine experience. We highly recommend this retreat.”

Review by a Ken from Canada
” This has been one of the most profound spiritual transformations I have yet experienced. Blandine and Uriel masterfully and intuitively took our class through a state of higher awareness and love by opening our hearts and minds through their in-depth knowledge, instruction and loving kindness. I owe you both deep gratitude for my new life. Thank you xo. “

Review by Akiko from Tokyo, Japan
“Thank you for the retreat!I had very good time. I could see many beautiful sights and feel lots of wonderful things at there.I would like to keep it in mind even if I live busy day in Tokyo.”

Review by Peter from Holland
“Mahasiddha is an awesome studio with excellent teachers, I’m so glad I have found it. If you want to learn true yoga – which includes not only asana practice but also in depth teachings on yoga philosophy – and be part of a warm community, then there is really only one place to go to in Chiang Mai!”