The Lucid Dreaming Online Course

What is the Lucid Dreaming Course?

The Lucid Dreaming course is a 16-week exploration into the science and practice of remaining consciously aware during the experience of dreams.

Every night, we “disappear” into extraordinary realms, experience impossible things, have very profound realisations, all within the seemingly limitless borders of our dreams. Yet every morning we wake up as if nothing happened. We all live countless double lives in our dreams, lives of endless possibilities, but due to the fragmented nature of our consciousness we can neither remember much nor enjoy our dreams in full awareness.

Dreams are not waste-products of our sub-consciousness. They are portals to extraordinary dimensions of ourselves and of Existence which otherwise remain unknown and inaccessible to us, in other states of consciousness. Our dreams contain extraordinary messages and we can achieve great transformations if only we’d know how to lucidly experience them.

Many ancient systems have developed systematic methods that allow us to enter dreams fully consciously, with the purpose of using them as extraordinary spiritual tools. Nowadays, dreams are one of the few meeting points between science and spirituality. Recent research proves that lucid dreaming is a reality that can be accessed at will, given that we train ourselves with perseverance.

In this course we’ll present structured methods that will allow us to start dreaming lucidly and to extend our awareness into our dream experiences. We’ll explore the science of dreams (REM sleep, brain waves, etc), we’ll learn easy mind-tricks that will help us become lucid while dreaming, and methods to extend our dreams without waking up when becoming lucid. Besides lectures and theoretical explanations, each session will also include a practical part, during which we’ll be doing yoga postures that specifically favour such deep experiences, together with meditations that will generate inner attitudes supportive of lucid dreaming.

What will I learn in the Lucid Dreaming Course?

The course will begin with the theory of lucid dreaming – why and how people can experience this in the first place. Gradually we’ll start learning various methods that allow us to become lucid during our dreams. We’ll then continue with gaining more understanding of how our mind works, especially during sleep, and how certain types of conscious experiences that we have during the waking state can build solid a foundation for lucid dreaming. Various methods for enhancing dream lucidity will be presented – both ancient and new, together with specific Hatha Yoga practices. In the last classes of the course we’ll open into the broader aspects of astral projection, and learn how we can begin having such experiences at will.

Each class will contain live parts – that will allow you to ask questions and also be corrected in your practice – as well as pre-recorded materials – mainly the lectures and theoretical explanations. As a part of each class, students also receive a clear homework which imply practically applying the methods we’ve learnt in the class.

Topics and exercises that are included in the Lucid Dreaming course

  • What are lucid dreams? The principles of dreaming
  • Science of dreaming: about REM sleep, brain waves, hypnogogic states
  • Dream patterns and sleeping cycles
  • The power of intention and it’s importance in shaping our dream experience
  • How to become lucid without waking up in dreams
  • Keeping a dream diary
  • The “Am I dreaming” method
  • Meditations with music designed to access distinct states
  • Specific yoga postures that are conducing to Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection
  • In-depth exploration of our subtle anatomy
  • How to keep the lucidity in the dream longer
  • Dream symbolism and types of dreams
  • Beginner and advanced methods

How to attend the Lucid Dreaming course

The online Lucid Dreaming course takes place weekly on Sundays, starting 9.00pm Thailand Time. A class lasts on average between 2h and 2h30min, and can extend beyond this time in order to answer all questions that students have. In case you miss the live class, you can ask for a recording which is available to watch up to 7 days after the class.

Please refrain from eating 2 hours before the class, and have a mat ready for the practical part.

What else should I know?

Disclaimer for people with mental health issues

Kindly note that for people who suffer from mental health issues, or are currently on antidepressants or other psychiatric medications, we strongly recommend not to join our courses or retreats. For those who do, however, decide to join, they do so on their own responsibility.

Terms and conditions

Your participation in this course is subjected to terms and conditions which you can read here.


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