Master the mechanisms of your Mind

This course is a very clear, systematic approach to the art and science of meditation

Weekly starting Saturday, 3 October 2020, 8.30pm ICT

Meditation helps us to transform. As a systematic training, it increases self-awareness and creates freedom from all unconscious mental patterns and blindspots that make us repeat mistakes and fall back into old habits.

Meditation makes us focus on what is essential in life, ultimately taking us beyond the mind into the realm of pure consciousness, exploring the deeper nature of our being and the answers to existential questions such as “Who am I?” and “What is the meaning of life?”

Eliminating mental agitation is one of the first and most obvious results of meditation – but it is not the end goal – it is only the starting point. The deeper purpose of meditation is to awaken consciousness and our capacity for self-awareness. To discover who we are beyond the mind and beyond all limitations. The perseverant practice of meditation creates access to states of cosmic ecstasy, Samadhi, and the revelation of the Supreme Self, Atman.

Price: 1,200 baht per month for new students / 800 baht for current Mahasiddha Yoga students

What will you get in this course?

  • Learn how & why meditation actually works – including the laws & mechanisms of the mind, such as the law of resonance, the principle of superimposition, the principle of limit and the principle of rhythm for attaining continuity of consciousness.
  • More than just meditation – the course includes techniques to optimize the mind & body for better meditation, including various yoga asanas & concentration exercises
  • Systematic training for better long-term development – using techniques with measurable results and a step-by-step approach which guides beginner & intermediate practitioners to advanced realms of meditation
  • Learn why most people fail in meditation – we’ll identify the pitfalls that make most people quit before they get results, as well as the bigger long-term obstacles that block even advanced practitioners from their highest goals.
  • Use meditation as a tool for accelerated self-development – it’s the fastest way to become who you want to be and to eliminate all limitations and everything which stops you from being you.

The structure of the Esoteric Meditation Course


The Classes

In the first year, classes are 2 hours consisting of approx. 80 minutes of practice and 40 minutes of theory.

The practice part will include yoga techniques selected for facilitating meditation, ranging from asanas to concentration exercises and actual meditation.

A high emphasis is placed on personal practice. We encourage you to choose the techniques & methods that are most useful & valuable for you.

The Curriculum

The first year curriculum involves learning the fundamental mechanisms of the mind together with efficient techniques for mental concentration and purification.

We’ll go in great depth into Patanjali’s 8 stages for obtaining success in meditation.

Due to the progressive curriculum of the course, skipping years is not possible. The later years build upon the theoretical & practical foundations set in earlier years.

When can I join?

The course starts on October 3, 2020 and will remain open for newcomers until the Laya Yoga initiation (usually in April or May).

After this exceptional initiation is given, the course closes to newcomers. Classes pause for two weeks around Christmas and New Year, as well as for the month of August, and resume in September.

Those who are interested in joining the courses after the Laya Yoga initiation will have to wait until we’ll start a new course.