New Year’s Yoga & Meditation Retreat
in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
December 26 to 31, 2016


New Year’s Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat

in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, December 26 to 31, 2016


The retreat was amazing! Uriel and Blandine were amazing teachers and so knowledgeable! The Amaravati Ashram was beautiful! The energy was amazing; the people were fantastic. I got so much out of our retreat and am looking forward to applying it all to my everyday life and to improve my pure being.

-Avon Nettle 46, Australia


Join us for a relaxing, initiating and awakening 6-day yoga and meditation retreat as we enter the mystery of our soul. In the depth of silence and in the intensity of love, the heart awakens and takes us toward our real home, with every heart beat, with every moment of meditation, with every breath of fresh air.

This silent retreat will include meditations, yoga, lectures and workshop activities, which will all take us closer and closer to our true essence, to our inner-most core. We will also take time for swimming, relaxing alone and together, being in nature, and celebrating the silence of the heart in wonderful company and a warm, welcoming and loving environment. 



Each day will include several meditations (of various lengths) for awakening the soul, extended morning yoga practice, lectures and workshop exercises, in the evenings we will have a delicious, conscious dinner together then conclude with a special evening activity.


Location & Food

The retreat will take place at the Amaravati Ayurveda Resort, in Mai-Rim, 20 minutes drive from Chiang Mai at the foot of the mountain. The Ashram was built in the special tradition of Vastu (Indian Feng Shui). The resort has a beautiful garden, all-around panoramic view, and a saltwater pool. There are 3-bed and 4-bed fan rooms, single and double standard rooms, double deluxe rooms and one suite available. Wholesome, vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the price, provided with love by our chef. Please note that smoking, eating meat, drinking coffee and consuming alcohol or drugs is prohibited on site.


Prices & Sign Up

  • shared room: 11,000 THB (per person)
  • single standard: 12,000 THB
  • Deluxe: 15,000 THB
  • Shared Deluxe: 12,600 THB (per person)

Suites are also available.


To sign up, write us a message on facebook with the details of your booking (How many people are signing up? What rooms do you wish to book? Any special requests?) at or you can call us on 0613-784-194.