New Year Silent Meditation Retreat 

Intro Module: Awakening the Soul

Main Module: Revelation of the Self, Dec 29 – Jan 5

New Year Silent Meditation Immersion – Intro Module

Read here about Main Module: Revelation of the Self, December 29  – January 5

Join us for a 3-day intro module before the main silent Immersion. This intro is designed for those who have not attended meditation retreats with us before. In these 3 days, immersed in the silence of the heart, we will discover the path that takes us to the core of our being, we will learn to meditate and we will explore what meditation truly is and what it can offer us.

We will study and practice meditation in its fundamental, traditional form, understanding its stages and unfolding as described by the ancient yogis. The form of meditation we will learn is the highest form, the one that can take us to the highest spiritual realisations, that lift our consciousness to extraordinarily high levels. Once we learn to meditate this way, we can meditate in any other way. Lectures, yoga and exercises will assist and support us in deepening this practice.


Each day will include several meditations (of various lengths) for awakening the soul, extended morning yoga practice, lectures and exercises. 

Here’s how the daily schedule will look like:

09:00 Hatha Yoga practice
10:00 Meditation
10:45 Fruits break
11:00 Lecture
11:45 Meditation
12:30 Lunch break
15:30 Lecture
16:15 Hatha Yoga practice
17:15 Meditation
17:45 Fruits break
18:00 Lecture and special workshop exercises
19:00 Final meditation
19:30 Evening break




The Teachers:

The retreat will be given by Maria Blandine Wegener, Uriel Yariv and Radu Nichitescu: qualified Yoga and Tantra teacher for many years by the ATMAN federation.


Prices & Sign Up

INTRO MODULE (Dec 27 to Dec 29)TBA

MAIN MODULE (Dec 29 to Jan 5)TBA

A 10% discount is offered for those who sign-up for both modules at the same time. 

ATTENTION! The main module is only available to those who have been part of one of our meditation retreats or courses, or have attended the Intro Module.


Deposit & Cancellation Policies

If you have booked a retreat or workshop and you cancel your participation at least 21 days before the arrival date, you will be fully refunded.

If you cancel your participation less than 21 days before the arrival date, then:

  • if you cancel no later than 24 hours after you’ve placed the booking, you will be fully refunded.
  • if you cancel later than 24 hours after you’ve placed the booking, we will hold the deposit in the form of a credit for you, that can be used in the future for any events with us.

Terms and conditions

Your participation in this course is subjected to terms and conditions which you can read here.

Disclaimer for people with mental health issues

Kindly note that for people who suffer from mental health issues, or are currently on antidepressants or other psychiatric medications, we strongly recommend not to join our courses or retreats. For those who do, however, decide to join, they do so on their own responsibility.


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