Mahasiddha yoga studio has truly inspired me to dive in and dig deep within myself, removing obstacles in an intense conscious manner.

I first came to Mahasiddha for a Divine Masculinity workshop which really helped me feel a centered part of myself that I never knew existed. The group of men all sat together, sharing where we are from, our names and a masculine quality that has strength and a quality that needs work.

It is so POWERFUL to be welcomed into a group and feel the openness and vulnerability that each one possesses. All here for a common essence, to learn, share and grow. At the end of the workshop we all stood together in a spiral, hand in hand, meditating with a triumphant audio clip that truly emerged all of our energies even more so, and I felt right then a strike of immense curiosity and belonging. Later, I came to the Tantra Immersion level 1 where I uncovered SO MUCH within my heart. I truly felt like me. I never felt that before, and I knew instantly this is what I have been looking for. The activities, lessons, and yoga awoke a pure essence inside of me that was full of confidence, devotion, courage, love, willpower, attentiveness, curiosity amongst many other extremely wonderful qualities. I never felt so much love in my life, I did not want to leave. The group exercises at the studio are unlike anything I have ever experienced. The base of these exercises really allows one to be vulnerable, and to connect deeply in the heart with others in the experience. I have made many, many connections during these times and still share with these people often. They speak about this being the fastest path to enlightenment, and I know for sure it is the fastest path to opening up and sharing depths of yourself with people you just met! And you see their souls!! They see and honor you as well! INCREDIBLE.

I am really learning how to surrender myself, and accept others as they surrender. Instantly you create a bond because one recognizes themselves in the other. It is magnificent to experience these energies coming alive inside, and being in a safe container to express yourself so freely and openly.

I love this studio, the lessons and the teachers very much. Upon returning home to America, I quickly realized I need to be here and study more. Nothing in my life has shifted my perceptions like this, leaving me yearning for more. It has, and continues to, inspire me to push my comfort zone boundaries, seeing there is so much room for growth and expansion right on the other side of fear. So much beauty lies in being consciously present with your experience. Yes it takes a lot of unlearning of habits we have accumulated from our past and surroundings, and that can be hard work sometimes. But here you have a collective and you have Facebook groups that you can always reach out to and share what is going on. We are always supported from others who are also searching for deep meaning and understanding in their lives. This studio really provides a beautiful template for living a life of manifestation, love, practice, connection, and growth. I see the shifts happening within myself that are reflecting in my creativity especially in my music, my relationships with friends and family, openness to new experiences( saying yes MORE), and devoting myself to a day practice. That has been a huge game changer in the way I think, feel and act in my day to day life.

So I am currently back in Chiang Mai, studying and immersing myself fully in this practice. We are currently learning much about resonance and how to align yourself to the vibrational state of your choosing by CHOICE. This is such a powerful tool to have in your tool belt. It is providing me space to slow down, listen and observe the subtle energies in my body and to notice the collection of these energies, to harness and recycle them. It is rewiring the way I perceive myself and the world, so I am really learning about self acceptance of where I am right now. It’s a really interesting and enriching journey to choose. It is a process I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a pure awakening of their heart, and to understand the masculine and feminine “laws” of the universe. PLEASE COME AND EXPLORE YOURSELF AND OTHERS!