“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

Meditation is the golden key with which you can transform the nature of your mind, and unlock the great potential and ever-flowing silence which is hidden deep within your being. Meditation sharpens and relaxes the mind, heals and releases emotional pain and traumas, regenerates the body and opens the door to one’s mysterious and ecstatic spiritual journey. Meditation is the way back to our real home.

Every success, every failure, every moment of joy, every moment of suffering, is influenced and often completely determined by our own mind. We all want to live a better life, yet despite knowing the mind determines our every experience, we do so little to transform this immense and decisive factor governing our existence.

When something is disturbing us in our environment, at work or at home, we work to fix it, to transform the situation. However, when our mind is disturbing us, when it is out of harmony or it is obsessive and agitated, we rarely do anything about it. The practice of meditation is the golden tool which can transform an uncontrolled, restless and agitated mind into an oasis of peace. Meditation is the most powerful and efficient tool for achieving the most amazing success one can imagine.


What is special about the way we teach meditation?

The meditation which we teach in our tantric classes is not just a form of relaxed mind-wandering; it is much more than that. At Tantra Yoga Chiang Mai, we teach methods not only for relaxation but also for attaining a state of great lucidity and control over the mind. Using step-by-step tantric methods, you will learn how to bring the mind under harmonious control and into a state of hyper-lucid silence and concentration, ultimately leading to perfect mental focus. The effects of meditation on daily life are remarkable. The power to concentrate and the ability to make your mind silent and attentive during all the tasks and experiences of daily life transform every moment into a profound and motionless spiritual celebration. Thus meditation brings both efficiency, and at same time, bliss to your daily life.


Meditation as the force that balances the mind and the heart:

“the heart has reasons that reason can not understand”

The purpose of meditation is to silence and better control the mind. As a result, the heart is free to open and lead the way. As long as the chattering of the mind occupies the space of our consciousness, the voice of the heart cannot be heard clearly. When the correct practice of meditation brings calmness and silence to the mind, centering in the heart becomes easy. Then the all-knowing, ever-humble and loving voice of the heart can guide us to live a life of harmony, full of meaning and joy, assuring us that we are on the right path. The voice of the heart, sweet, yet powerful, coming from the stillness of certainty, guides us not only toward individual good but also toward common good, at all times.

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