Experience the energy and consciousness of the Root Chakra through 7 unique and exciting classes

Saturdays 9.00 – 11.30pm Bangkok Time, September 11 to October 23

In this module we’ll explore the foundational level of our being – Muladhara Chakra through 7 weeks of practice and study. We’ll be learning specific poses to active and balance the root chakra, while in our lectures we’ll go into great depth on explaining the psychology of Muladhara, understanding the way it influences us in our everyday life.

These teachings and practices are life-changing for most of our students. Learning how our subtle anatomy is linked to our deep psychological patterns, and how addressing an unbalanced chakra translates into particular behavioural transformations is one of the greatest revelations of the Tantric system.

If you are looking for a deep dive into the mysteries of Tantra combined with profound understanding and direct, practical experience, then this course is for you!

Price for the entire module: THB 2250 (Thai nationals please contact us for a 50% discount)

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What you’ll get in this course:

  • 7 x 2.5 hour live-streamed classes with theory and practice

  • Live Q&A sessions with the teachers, receiving personal guidance and feedback

  • A lively online community to support and help each other in our spiritual growth

  • Access to recordings in case you miss the live class

  • Certified teachers with minimum 8 years of experience

You will learn how to:

  • Use the Law of Resonance in order to achieve extraordinary spiritual transformations

  • Map your energetic system and learn how to engage your subtle anatomy in a conscious way

  • Practice specific hatha yoga postures that allow you to awaken and balance Muladhara Chakra

  • Acquire more vitality and energy in your being, decreasing your level of tiredness and overcoming exhaustion

  • Work with and control your inner energy in a harmonious way

  • Awaken latent capacities and expand your consciousness

  • Understand your fundamental fears and instincts and learn to overcome them

  • Access and awaken Kundalini shakti, the fundamental energy of our being