A deep inner journey of discovering your 

Path to Purpose


What is the Path to Purpose workshop?

In this extraordinary workshop we’ll offer a structured method of getting closer to discovering and understanding our life’s purpose. This is not a trivial pursuit - it requires a profound inner quest and an understanding of our mechanism and structure. It’s a journey worth taking as it makes us noble in spirit and true to ourselves. In the Path to Purpose workshop we combine very practical techniques with profound insights and inspiring examples of humans who lived a life of meaning. All of this will help you gain clarity of heart and confidence to pursue your mission.

I attended the Path to Purpose workshop and it was amazing! The teachers are very knowledgable and very genuine and loving. The way theory is presented and supported with practical exercises resonated very well with a sceptical mind like mine. It was my first experience with Mahasiddha and I keep recommending them to friends and planning to attend their retreats and workshops in future. They are amazing! Maia L., Georgia

You'll be guided to go beyond cultural constructs, external impositions and social expectations and unveil your unique, remarkable path. You'll learn to listen to the voice of your heart and through exercises, meditations and a profound form of yoga you'll gain the needed qualities and attitudes to bring your deepest aspirations to life.

Why should I find my purpose?

A life which has meaning and purpose is wonderful and fulfilling. A life without purpose is just a selfish chase of the shadow of pleasures and superficial curiosity. Deep within each of us lies a profound need to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. Yet many of us borrow others’ apparent recipe for happiness, and struggle to replicate it only to ultimately discover it’s not our fit. So why live the life of someone else? Why do what is not meant for you? And what are you actually meant for?

We each have a unique combination of talents and inner gifts, qualities and interests. We must assume responsibility for them as they indicate the value that we’re meant to bring to the world.

What will I learn in the Path to Purpose workshop?

The Path to Purpose workshop starts from the understanding that we already know our life’s purpose, but that we’re prevented from accessing this knowledge due to the state of agitation that we experience in our mind. As such, we will explore methods to quieten the mind and amplify the voice of the heart. We’ll learn exactly what role the mind and the heart play in the process of fulfilling our purpose. Furthermore, we’ll explore the mechanism of purpose and explain how to harmoniously integrate it with the needs and requirements of our modern life (career, finances, etc). Last but not least, we’ll explore the profound connection between our purpose and our spiritual life.

Learn from our friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable teachers with 17 years of direct experience. They will guide you through authentic theory and effective training, giving you practical tools that you can include in your daily life to bring your purpose into manifestation.

Topics and exercises that are included in the Path to Purpose workshop

  • Special meditations and exercises to amplify the voice of the heart
  • Lectures from various spiritual traditions and modern schools of thought concerning the meaning of life
  • Practical exercises that can be applied individually and can be used after the workshop
  • Deep work for discovering the energy and knowledge stored in our subconscious
  • Reflection exercises 
  • The four choices for a purposeful life
  • The roles of the mind and the heart in purpose
  • The mechanism of purpose
  • How to bring your purpose to life 
  • The connection between the part and the whole and their meaning in our life
  • The inner and outer journey of purpose
  • Temptations of living a purposeless life
  • Inspiring stories and examples of people of purpose
  • Hatha Yoga of inner attitudes
  • Exploring the concept of ikigai

How to attend the Path to Purpose workshop

There are two options for attending the Path to Purpose workshop. The first is to follow the workshop at your own pace, gaining an extended 30-days access to the lessons and the exercises. The second option is to join the workshop at fixed dates, being part of an online group and having access to live questions﹠answers sessions with the teachers. Find below the specific details for each option.

All lessons and exercises (except the Q﹠A sessions, where applicable) are pre-recorded.

If you want to combine the online attendance with a relaxing, regenerative get-away, we can provide accommodation at our Amrita Integral Yoga Resort in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Please contact us for more details.


Attend at your convenience

The Path to Purpose workshop is available anytime online, through our Thinkific website. Buying this option gives you access to all the contents of the workshop for a period of 60 days. The workshop totals more than 24h of recorded content, so in this way you can follow the lessons and exercises at your own pace, according to your schedule. All the recordings in the workshop are arranged in a structured way so as to offer you a coherent, fluid experience. You can revisit them whenever you want within the space of the 60-day period.

* Follow at your own pace
* Extended access to all the content
Price: $298 $99 during August 2021 only 


Availability: Immediate

Attend at fixed dates

Once a month we offer the Path to Purpose as a fixed, 11-day workshop, beginning on Saturday at 8pm Thailand Time. Included in this option are 3 live Q﹠A sessions with the teachers, on day 3, 7 and 11 of the workshop, at 8pm Thailand Time. You’ll be integrated in an online group with other participants and you’ll need 2-3 hours per day to follow the lessons. The beginning and the end of the workshops will be marked by meditating together in unison. The recordings will be accessible only throughout the 11 days plus one day after the end of the workshop.

* Promotional price: 50% off!
* 3 live Q﹠A sessions with the teachers
Price: $298 $149


Availability: Jul 3 –  13 2021

What else should I know?

Deposit and cancellation policy

If you have booked a retreat or workshop and you cancel your participation at least 21 days before the arrival date, you will be fully refunded.

If you cancel your participation less than 21 days before the arrival date, then:

  • if you cancel no later than 24 hours after you’ve placed the booking, you will be fully refunded.
  • if you cancel later than 24 hours after you’ve placed the booking, we will hold the deposit in the form of a credit for you, that can be used in the future for any events with us.

Disclaimer for people with mental health issues

Kindly note that for people who suffer from mental health issues, or are currently on antidepressants or other psychiatric medications, we strongly recommend not to join our courses or retreats. For those who do, however, decide to join, they do so on their own responsibility.

Terms and conditions

Your participation in this course is subjected to terms and conditions which you can read here.


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