Exceptional online classes on Tantra, Yoga and more


The New Online
Tantra Course

Every Saturday 9.00pm Thailand Time

Experience the principles of Tantra through direct practice.
Work with and control your inner energy.


The Tantra Immersion Workshop

On demand and at fixed dates

Discover the Principles of Tantra.
Learn how to access distinct states of consciousness.


The Path to Purpose Workshop

On demand and at fixed dates

Exercise your free will in a meaningful way.
Go beyond mental and cultural constructs, discover your unique path in life.

Group practicing Hatha Yoga


We offer weekly courses. This experience guides you through a gradual journey through the chakras in yoga practice, theory, and meditation.

Five people in workshop with teacher smiling


Every other Saturday we host workshops on a variety of subjects where you can learn yoga, meditation, and inner growth. While learning to live in a healthy living universe.

Group practicing Hatha Yoga


In our monthly 3 to 7 day getaways, you can dive fully into yoga practice, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle in a wonderful soothing atmosphere in an ashram palace out in nature.

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Free Events

Visit our free events every Sunday (eg. Kirtans, movie nights, meditation) or one of our community activities like lounges, dances, heart circles and more.

What our students say…

If you’re looking for amazing yoga and wonderful meditation, Mahasiddha Chiang Mai is the best. I have attended both the weekend getaways and the classes many times. My body feels great and more energized after the end of each class.

The group activities really touch your heart. The teachers are all fantastic. I absolutely recommend it.


Shareholder & Regional Manager, C.P.S Distributor , Thailand

Just a few months of intensive weekend events and classes at Mahasiddha have massively changed me…to a point that I probably wouldn’t have reached after 20 years of my “usual” life.

I’ve tried out many, many yoga schools, styles, and teachers; read many books; attended seminars, and online courses. None of them reached my core and resonated with my being in a way that the teaching of Uriel and Blandine does. 


Engineer, Germany

Two weeks after the Polarity Event, I can now reflect back on it as being one of the most profound life changing experiences I ever had. Blandine and Uriel are a blessing!

Not only do they guide you through yoga, meditation and the basics, but they LIVE what they speak about! Their way of teaching is authentic, pleasant, engaging and fun. I could listen to them for hours, sucking all the knowledge in.

Natalia B

Digital Nomad, Germany

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