Spiritual Retreats: Silence for mind and heart (Part 1)

Spiritual Retreats: Silence for mind and heart (Part 1)

Have you ever thought about reaching the age of 65 only to discover that you did not accomplish with this life what you had wanted to? Who will return to you the years you have lost? What would happen if at such an age you discover that you are not happy, that you were not at all happy in this life, that you lived a life that was not yours, that you lived a life built upon what others expected of you, and that you never really asked yourself what you truly wanted?

What Tantra is and What it is Not

What Tantra is and What it is Not

When practiced in a couple, Tantra is a kind of meditation in two, which springs from the union of the feminine and masculine principles, and is fueled by the sexual energy. It is an invitation to discover the sacred dimension of the erotic encounters and the means to make the body, soul and consciousness vibrate in unison. Nonetheless, all this cannot be attained in one single day. It is a path that requires a full commitment. It is the art of experiencing intensely every moment of life, as if it were the last of your life.

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Tantra Immersion Level 1: 15 - 19 September 2020
Life's Purpose Retreat: 15 - 19 October 2020