I’ve been taking classes and retreats at Yoga Chiang Mai for about 1.5 years now and I wouldn’t want to go a day without the beauty their teachings and techniques bring to my life!

My boyfriend and I are constantly implementing them into our relationship and it has completely transformed the way that we are being and feeling in a couple – from love-making to the way we communicate and heal our emotions together. Everything is now more profound, better understood and so much more magical. (You can follow our journey here)

As for my life outside the relationship: My brother recently passed away of cancer. The spiritual insights and asanas, the meditation and mantra I’ve learned from Mahasiddha Yoga and the guidance I’ve received from Blandine and Uriel have helped me so much to cope with that in a conscious, meaningful and even grateful way.

I love learning from them so much that they’re actually one of the biggest reasons why I have decided to come live in Chiang Mai. I’m so happy to be part of such a caring, heart-centered community!