The spiritual path is one of continuously asking difficult questions and summoning the bravery to answer them with integrity. One of the most pressing questions that we all have to face as individuals and as members of society is “Do I have value?”. While me might intellectually acknowledge that every being is inherently divine as it is a manifestation of God, deep inside we search for a more personalized and concrete understanding of our own worth relative to the communities that we value. Given that harmonious social integration has ensured our survival in an evolutionary sense, we want to know with certainty that our presence is not only divinely ordained, but somehow meaningful in the world that surrounds us. Paradoxically, when we answer this question by measuring ourselves against societal standards, we end up contouring ourselves to fit a mold that we think may connote value to others. To avoid this trap, the Tantric path offers a different way to address the question of self-worth. Watch and find out!