During 2017, I left my job, sold my, house, separated from my husband, and set off backpacking the world in search of finding myself. Through my travels in Europe, I learned so much but did not connect deeply with myself. When I arrived in Chiang Mai in October, I was interested in focusing on spirituality. Without even searching, the Life Purpose retreat through Mahasiddha Yoga was suggested to me and I was excited to delve into yoga and meditation. I felt as if the Divine led me to this event.

I was quite nervous the first day of the Life Purpose workshop. Having little experience with yoga, I was worried about embarrassing myself. However, participating in the interactive exercises brought me out of my social comfort zone. By the end of the retreat, I could feel how positive yoga, meditation, and the exercises were and how they brought me closer to my true self. It was then that I knew this studio was the key to healing myself on all levels and discovering my inner happiness.

I continued going to all the classes and attended the Tantra Immersion 1 retreat until I was scheduled to go to Australia. Having a daily practice of yoga and meditation for a month noticeably changed how I saw the world and handled my emotions. It amazed me how much better I felt physically and mentally after my practice. I was hooked and did not want to lose something that had already been incredibly beneficial to my life, so I decided I would return to Chiang Mai after my trip to Australia. I am so grateful I made this decision because during my three weeks away, my practice suffered as well as my wellbeing.

After experiencing that contrast while I was away, I was eager to be a part of the spiritual community again and focus on healing. December was a month of going deep within myself to heal old wounds, leading up to the 10-day silent meditation retreat. I feel that it was during this retreat that I finally began finding myself. Through the silence I learned that I can find all the answers to my problems within and heal. For the first time since I was a child, I began to pray and feel a connection with God. This gave true meaning to trusting the universe, which I had previously struggled to do. I gained a higher level of consciousness during the retreat and now find myself able to catch when I become distracted more often.

I feel so blessed having found Mahasiddha when I did. It has made a strong impact on me that I believe will last my lifetime. When I do move on from Chiang Mai, I will remain involved in the amazing classes through Skype. Also, I plan to integrate what I have learned into fulfilling my life purpose and continue to maintain a daily practice. This studio truly is a gift to the world and I believe everyone should have the privilege of experiencing themselves in such a true state of love and presence.