I flew to Thailand a little over two months ago from California, in search of some self-reflection and healing. I had been suffering from a series of infections including pneumonia earlier this year.

Having run myself ragged like a hamster in a wheel for several years straight without a break, my body was finally telling me that I needed to give myself some overdue attention. Simply burned out and in need of rest, I figured that a land plentiful in mangoes, massages, and Buddhist temples would be a great place to get away.

Shortly after I arrived, however, I discovered Mahasiddha, the yoga school in Chiang Mai. That is when I realized my purpose for flying half way around the world extended beyond lovely foods and healing practitioners, to a journey of discovering my own capability of self-love and self-healing.

Uriel and Blandine introduced me a to yoga practice that encompasses an entire way of living, utilizing tools that I could use to restore myself, developing on all levels: physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Through retreats, yoga classes, workshops, and special events that I have been fortunate enough to participate in, I have found love and purpose in my life in a way where I have resources, tools, and a community of support that I can turn to whenever I feel the need.

I feel like I was a worn down car that has finally gotten a full tune-up, transforming into a woman who is enabled to follow her path, and also to enjoy the journey along the way. My perspective has shifted so much over the magical two months I have been here.

Lela Immersion ParticipantIn addition, my inspiration for creative endeavors in my life that previously felt blocked have reopened in a way that is conscious because I better understand myself. A good day or bad day is no longer a symptom of luck, but a result of the practices I have been studying.

Tantra yoga is now as vital to my day as brushing my teeth and is something I will assuredly take with me back to the States. I feel so grateful for the spiritual nourishment that has poured into my life. I now know where my spiritual home is, and also that I can come back for a tune-up anytime.