Leslie on Chiang Mai retreatI first got a glimpse into Tantra Yoga Chiang Mai studio through a retreat in September. Although it’s been just a short few months with the studio, I can say with certainty they’ve been the most confronting, transformational, and meaningful in my life thus far and have brought me to deeply question my beliefs up until now.

 Like many others, I have dealt with depression and anxiety, as well as an eating disorder, and was very out of touch with my heart. I felt confused, constantly chasing after that which didn’t align with my truth.

Leslie and retreat friends Chiang MaiThe Tantric path and by listening to Tantra for Women podcast is allowing me to truly listen to myself and others, as well as gain a better understanding of my femininity, sexuality, and spiritual connection.

Uriel and Blandine are honest, experienced, and pure-hearted teachers, mentors, guides, and friends. I feel my journey is just beginning and am very blessed to have started on it amongst this family they have established here in Chiang Mai!



Leslie is a talented jewelry designer, now living in Hawaii and sometimes California. Check out her gemstone artwork here.

She is the first Student of the Month in our new initiative to feature our friends and share their journey with you, with the intention to create connection and a spiritual family around the world.