Muladhara Chakra (the Root) is the first center of force and lies at the base of the spine. It is found between the anus and sexual organ, and is responsible for your sense of safety and security. 

Balancing the Root Chakra creates the support base for awakening the six chakras above. It’s like laying the foundation for a multi-level house. Solid groundwork provides the stability you need to build a home that can last for many years and contain all the life, joy, and challenges that will pass through. 

The First Chakra controls the following psychic functions: the will to survive, the instinct of preservation, internal feelings of safety, self-confidence on the physical level, desire for material accumulation, sense of stability with career, group membership and group identity (Family).

Essential fears associated with an imbalance in the Root Chakra include: fear of physical survival, abandonment by group or loss of physical order, fear of being attacked or assaulted.

Through the practice of various exercises, one can purify Muladhara Chakra, eliminating these fears and survival reactions. The yogi also attempts to awaken the Kundalini energy (lying in the Root) and make this energy ascend along the spine. Meditation (read more) is a key for balancing Muladhara Chakra, by not only connecting us with a higher consciousness but also grounding us.


Muladhara Meditation Technique:

Sit in Bhadrasana, one pose recommended for balancing Muladhara and awakening Kundalini (see drawing below).

The yogi is said to be fit for meditation if he/she is able to remain in this pose for 30-45 minutes without any problems. 

Focus your attention on Muladhara Chakra for 30 minutes, staying immobile during this time. Perceive the activation of the Root, a greater vital energy, as well as a state of increased psychic tonus.

You can increase the activation of Muladhara Chakra by including appropriate music like this in your meditation.