Recently I sat down with Mahasiddha teacher Maria Blandine Wegener for a two-part podcast on Tantra for women.

In an in-depth conversation for my Humans in Love podcast, Blandine and I discussed a wide variety of topics relating to Tantra for women, Tantric sexuality, and the impact of Tantra on relationships with family, lovers, and friends.

Our chat was focused largely on Blandine’s personal experience with tantra, and tantra-curious women may draw a lot of insight and inspiration from hearing the intimate details of one Tantric’s journey.

Blandine is a teacher and life coach for applied Yoga and Tantra, implementing elements from a variety of yoga traditions, Ayurveda, and psychology. 

She is also one of the most insightful and knowledgeable women I’ve ever met with regards to relationships, spirituality, and sexuality. She taught me a lot over the past six months or so. I was thrilled to have her on my podcast, and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Some key takeaways from this two-part Tantra for women podcast:

On soul awakenings


I feel like I “came out this way” a little bit… Feeling extremely connected to the universe around me, and having states of divine ecstacy when I was a child…


I remember having many revelations before entering the yoga path around how love works, and how somehow by love we are all connected… By having a heart, we are all a little center of the universe… All of a sudden, it was all falling into place with this focus upon entering the heart, and Tantra really being a path of the heart where the whole first stage of the path is just about [finding] your soul, and entering into your heart. And from there, everything else will unfold.


[Entering into your heart] is basically a step where you are moving from the linear and mentally-dominated way of thinking and perceiving yourself and the world around you into a much more “spherical” way of perceiving yourself… This is how it feels to me mostly. So if I think of how normal perception, when I’m just in my everyday state of mind, then I have this linear unfolding [of the day], a bit like a computer… I perceive myself as somewhat separated from the universe… And then, moving towards this more “spherical” perception of self, where we are accomplishing the step of perceiving ourselves as ego to perceving ourselves as soul… The first thing that happens is this linear way of thinking just collapses into a sort of “unified” perception of things.


When I’m in such a state, I might look at a certain person or at a certain object and then perceive that as somehow removed from the linear “timeline” that it might normally be incorporated in… I would somehow see all the significances [of this person or object]… What is its meaning? What is its purpose?


I entered into a state of soul-awakening for a few months. And it was continuous… I was in this state of feeling all-connected with everything around. I would put my hand on the table and it was nearly like an orgasm, touching the table–feeling how the atoms of my hand are blurring with the table. I’d be in a continous state of meditation with these sensations. And that was enough to put me onto one of the most mystical states of you can think of–this continuous awakening of the soul…


On faith


Faith or not, you can only really enter the path if you practice. And in this regard, we are all equal, somehow…


I’m not so much talking about ‘faith’ in Jesus, or in some particular religious character or dogma… It’s much more a sense of… mystery. Being open to perceive that there is a lot more than meets the eye, there is a lot more than we know…


I feel the love I have for my family so much more [after finding Tantra]… I feel I’m allowing myself to love them fully, because I feel I don’t have to be engaged in this conflict of whether or not we share the same ideas or political views or whatever, or whether they understand me or not in the first place. It it mainly based on love… The main basis of everything is coming from love.


On sexual energy


Sexual energy… is basically the expression of life force in our being. So when you have a person who is strongly sexually charged, they will not just be more wet and more hard and more long-lasting or horny, but actually it will express in the entirety of their lives. They will be “turned on” by life…

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