I walked into the first day of Tantra Immersion with an open mind and came out six days later with an open heart. The journey through yoga, guided meditation, and lectures on the principles of Tantra I had signed up for turned out to be much more than what was advertised. I did not expect to gain such clear tools that would allow me to continue my practice after the immersion was over, and also take that practice and apply it to every facet of my daily life.

I discovered that the moments of bliss that I have experienced at random do not need to be random at all. These magical occurrences can be experienced through everything I do – in my job, relationships, and daily tasks. Tantra embraces all aspects of life, which empowers me to live fully in both my physical and spiritual world, connecting the two together in a way that creates a union of reciprocity within myself. It allows me to use everything in my life as a medium for personal development.

This immersion gave me specific tools to transform my circumstances and open my heart, a difficult thing to put into words. Tantra has become my cookbook for life, except with a magical difference; I can reference recipes that make life taste delicious, regardless of the ingredients I am handed. The exercises that we practiced created such a tangible medium to experience love, connection, and appreciation for one another that a room full of strangers quickly converted into a family of both support and purpose.

Lela Immersion ParticipantIn the past I have taken many yoga classes, but none that directly applied to my life outside the yoga studio so palpably. I have left the magical week of Tantra Immersion behind, but I will not forget the tools I was given to access a frequency of love that is always available, nor the friends who shared the journey with me. Thank you to the universe for guiding me into such a wonderful space of expansion that I can now take with me into the beautiful world I call home, and hopefully share with others.

Author: Lela, USA


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