In today’s episode of Humans in Love, I’m joined by returning guests Uriel Yariv and Blandine Wegener from Mahasiddha Yoga, Thailand.

Uriel and Blandine are Tantra yoga teachers and psychologists, and two of the most insightful people I know when it comes to maintaining passion in long-term relationships.

You might remember Uriel from episode 14, and Blandine from episodes 20, 33, and 34.

For today’s episode, the title of my podcast has never been more appropriate for my guests–Uriel and Blandine truly are two humans in love.

In today’s episode of Humans in Love, Uriel, Blandine, and I connected on Zoom to talk about how they’ve dealt with the pandemic, the challenges facing couples in lockdown, maintaining passion in long-term relationships, the difference between “conscious” and unconscious conflict, how to overcome the pain of a breakup, and much more.

Hope you dig.


Listen to the podcast: